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Designers Gowns

You will find that incredible, different, and unique bridal gown that will make your wedding perfect. Our collection is inspired by you, a strong and absolutely feminine bride. Get inspired by our bridal collections and our simple, Vintage or Boho-chic wedding dresses.

Designer Eddy K. gives every dress a sense of nobility with its intricate beading, supple tulle and dazzling lace.

Our latest collection is all about exquisite detail. Classic elegance continues to evolve with clean and modern styles. Staying true to our roots, this collection is princess-inspired and exudes the grace of a Sincerity bride.

Liri Bridal

Liri’s bridal gowns was designed from lighter fabrics, versatile in style, meticulously designed and made to accentuate the beautiful bride and her femininity, in most affordable prices and without compromising the bride’s dream dress.